As of July 31, 2020, a new Field Trip protocol has been developed.

At the July ECAS Board Meeting development and scheduling of field trips were approved with the following format for COVID 19 precautions:

Local trips only aiming for no more than an hour travel from Bend, although this is flexible because:

○    The group meets at the location, with no group carpooling other than with partners/family members.

○    Trips will be of shorter duration (2-3 hours)

○    Trip size will be limited to 6-8 people, including guests. This will allow for physical distancing; masks should be used.

Since Field Trips are resuming, here are some answers to common registration questions:

  • Currently, registration will open 2 weeks before the scheduled trip date because they will be short in duration and local. Once the trip date is announced on the ECAS website and in Member Planet, you will know that an invitation will be arriving!

  • If you are an ECAS member, you will get the invitation via email. Check all of the folders in your email program, including the Spam and Junk Mail folders.  If you use more than one email address, make sure that the one ECAS has for you is the one you use most often.

  • Trips fill very quickly but an email contact will be in the trip description if you are interested in being contacted if anyone cancels. 

  • Be sure to cancel if your plans change! You can do this by finding the original email and changing your RSVP to a NO. Need help with this?  contact me and I will take care of it for you.  No-shows are no-no’s!

  • Don’t forget the trip waiver, which must be done for each trip you attend. This is because the physical demand and risks for each trip are different.  P.S. I will remind you if you forget.


Mary Shivell

Field Trip Coordinator

A copy of the  Field Trip Policy is available here.