Don and Lowell Franks Nest Box Project



Description of Project

The project consists of cleaning out nest boxes after nesting season, repairing/replacing nest boxes that are designed mainly for bluebirds and tree swallows. The project should be accomplished each year from late summer after nestlings have fledged through late winter before birds start nesting in the spring.  The Summer Lake area needs to be coordinated with the Wildlife Area (SLWA) due to some closures during waterfowl hunting seasons.  The final report date will be in early spring after all boxes have been checked.

This project provides additional nesting sites around water sources where there are limited nesting opportunities naturally.  This project helps increase bird populations


Volunteering Opportunities 

This project increases birding opportunities for ECAS members.  It gives people a way to both work on a valuable project and also to get out in other areas.

Volunteers keep track of their donated time, supplies and mileage for the project, and fill out an ECAS Activity waiver annually – (add waiver link here)


To volunteer, contact:  Kim Boddie, leader, or 541-410-2951