Green Ridge Raptor Survey

Thursday August 24, 2023

Fall is in the air and so are the migrants! This year’s Green Ridge Raptor Survey will be conducted only on the weekends of Oct. 14th-15th and Oct. 21st-22nd. We plan on returning to our regular schedule of mid-September to mid-October next year.

Portland Audubon’s field trip will be on the 23rd of Sept.

Think Wild’s field trip will on Oct. 11th.

As usual, others will be coming up to the site for migration. Directions can be found on ECAS’s website but signs will only be posted on scheduled weekends. If you have to go, there will be a porta-potty on site from Sept. 20th till Oct. 25th. If you want to come up, just show up, no need to sign up.

Learn more about the Green Ridge Raptor Survey