The 2022 shirt will be an East Cascades Audubon Society shirt featuring the  White-headed Woodpecker logo.   There will be limited shirts available to purchase at the Festival gathering at The Belfry on Saturday.



Started in 2011, this event is an opportunity to visit a beautiful area and enjoy our local birds.   There are 11 nesting species of woodpeckers in the area and there is a good chance to see them all … as well as lots of other cool birds.  We keep things low key, fun and casual.  Local birders lead the tours (at least 2 tour leaders per group) and group size is restricted by the Forest Service.  We follow ethical birding practices, minimize play backs and have strict protocols about approaching nests.  The festival is focused on field trips and meeting other birders.  It is inexpensive and all people will car pool (arranged on the day of the tour).  You provide your own lunch.  We take you to the birding spots and we all find the birds.


The East Cascades Audubon Society runs this festival and it is totally managed by volunteers. Named after Dean Hale who was tragically killed in a car wreck in 2012, the festival is part of Dean's legacy as a birder par excellence and consummate conservationist and teacher. In his spirit, we want to share our enthusiasm, help you to see great birds, and have a fun time.


Generally at this time of year the day time weather will be warm and sunny.  Rain is very unlikely.  Winds can pick up in the afternoon.  Morning temperatures can be chilly as we are up in the Cascade Mountains. 


Each tour will cost $35 for a full day tour(Summer Lake 1 & 2 are $45 & $40) and $30 for a half day tour and the Owl  Prowl. 

Where does the money go:

All funds collected will go to benefit the conservation and education projects at the non-profit organization, East Cascade Audubon Society.


How to sign up for the field trips:

To register, go to the Registration page.


If you have any questions contact 



Cancellation Policy:

No funds will be returned if the participant cancels after May 15th . However, if ECAS cancels the event, all monies will be returned. 


Meeting Places:

For the Summer Lake Trips  we will meet in Bend around Starbucks at the Cascade Shopping Village, north end of Bend. 

See the Google map for the location.

The Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning trips based out of Sisters will meet in the Creekside Park in Sisters. Sisters is a very small place but be aware that there are two parks.  Creekside Park is at the east end of town.  See the Google map for the location. For folks staying or living in Bend, another option for the Friday Shevlin trip  will be to meet at Shevlin Park  itself.

The Friday Sunriver  Trails trip will meet at 6:20 am at the south end of the Bend Fred Meyer's parking lot. .

The Saturday social will be at The Belfry, open at 5:30 with no host bar and light hors d'oeuvres Steve Shunk will present his talk at 7pm.


What to bring:

  • Packed lunch

  • Drink / water (please bring refillable bottles, if possible)

  • Bins / camera

  • Hiking boots

  • Layered clothes.  It can be cold in the early morning and quite warm during the day

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen and Insect repellant.  It is still early but some areas will have mosquitoes.  Ticks are always present so be prepared with protective clothing as well as insect repellant. 



The Owl  Prowl will leave from in front of The Belfry about 8:00pm.   (Google Map)


Field Trips:


All trips could involve walking up to one mile on rough ground, which may include downed trees, rocks, and substantial slopes. Ticks may be in areas of brush so long pants are recommended.


We limit the number of participants on each field trip to (10) to limit disturbance to the birds and to make for a more enjoyable experience. 


Two local birders will accompany you. You will bring your own lunch and drinks as we will be away from any stores or eateries. Restroom facilities will be described by each tour leader.  Trips are not handicapped accessible unless indicated in the specific description.

For all trips we will car pool. We do not want to see a long convoy of vehicles spread out behind the leaders. This is specified by our Forest Service permit. Please be flexible and enjoy the companionship of your fellow birders.

It is customary to offer a small token payment to share the gas expenses. 


Trips based out of Sisters will travel fairly short distances; however, Summer Lake will involve over a hundred miles.