North American Migration Count


The North American Migration Count (NAMC) is an annual event that occurs in both the spring and fall.  The spring count is always the second weekend in May and the fall count is the third weekend in September.  County coordinators are assigned to organize the counts in each county.  Volunteers are assigned regions and fan out, counting every bird they can find in their region.  The count period is 24 hours and is either on a Saturday or Sunday, depending on the preferences of the coordinator. 


The main goal of the NAMC is to gather bird migration data that can help inform decision makers on issues that pertain to birds.  Data has been collected since the early 90's and that data is currently being processed in a central database with the expressed intent of having the data analyzed at a future date.  A secondary goal of this project is to get more people into the field enjoying birds.  Since these two dates provide some of the most productive birding of the year, we hope to use this event as a showcase for our state's avian wonders and promote bird conservation and appreciation.


If you would like to assist in counting birds in any one of Oregon's 36 counties, contact the state coordinator Joel Geier.

COUNTY        DAY OF COUNT     COORDINATOR           PHONE               E-MAIL


Baker            Saturday               Joanne Britton            (541) 523-5666

Benton          Saturday               Marcia Cutler              (541) 752-4313

Clackamas     Saturday               Tim Janzen                 (503) 761-8781

Clatsop          Saturday               Chuck Gates               (541) 280-4957

Columbia       Saturday                Henry Horvat             (503) 543-3690

Coos             Saturday                Russ Namitz               (541) 266-8714

Crook            Saturday                Chuck Gates              (541) 280-4957

Curry             Saturday                Diane Cavaness         (541)469-1809

Deschutes      Saturday                Jim Moodie               (541) 550-8487

Douglas         Saturday                Ron Maertz               (541) 496-3847

Gilliam           Saturday                Chuck Gates             (541) 280-4957

Grant             Saturday                Chuck Gates             (541) 280-4957

Harney           Sunday                  Chuck Gates             (541) 280-4957

Hood River     Saturday                Stuart Johnston         (509) 493-3363

Jackson          Saturday                Jeff Tufts                 (541)-779-4582

Jefferson        Sunday                  Chuck Gates             (541) 280-4957

Josephine      Saturday                 Dennis Vroman         (541) 479-4619

Klamath         Saturday                Kevin Spencer           (541) 884-5739

Lake              Saturday                Craig Miller               (541) 389-9115

Lane              Saturday                Barbara Combs         (541) 689-6660

Lincoln           Saturday                Dawn Villaescusa                     

Linn               Saturday                Jeff Fleischer            (541) 928-7288

Malheur         Saturday                 Denise Hughes                        

Marion           Saturday                 Tim Johnson            (503) 363-8435

Morrow          Saturday                 Chuck Gates            (541) 280-4957

Multnomah     Saturday                 Ariana Longanecker                 

Polk               Saturday                 Joel Geier                (541) 745-5821

Sherman        Saturday                 David Bailey             (503) 739-3083

Tillamook       Sunday                   Dawn Villaescusa                     

Umatilla         Saturday                 Chuck Gates             (541) 280-4957

Union            Sunday                    M. Cathy Nowak       (541) 963-4954

Wallowa        Saturday                  Mike Baird                (541) 398-0648

Wasco           Saturday                  Donna Lusthoff        (503) 524-9652

Washington   Saturday                   Chuck Gates            (541) 280-4957

Wheeler        Saturday                   Chuck Gates            (541) 280-4957

Yamhill         Saturday                   Carol Karlen             (503) 472-5306