Summer Lake Shorebird Survey

This activity will return in 2022

 It will be held Saturday and Sunday, May  21 & 22


Objective:  Count of the number and distribution of breeding shorebirds at Summer Lake Wildlife Area.  We will systematically cover all of the wetland units and determine the magnitude by species and location. The data generated is used to allocate the water on the Refuge to protect the nesting birds. 


Requirements: We are looking for birders who can count and identify the breeding species found on the Wildlife Area (killdeer, snowy plover, long-billed curlew, willet, Am. avocet, black-necked stilt, spotted sandpiper, Wilson’s phalarope and Wilson’s snipe).  The numerical count by location or area is most important.

Dogs are not allowed.  This is the peak of nesting season and the presence of dogs would be very disturbing to breeding birds.  Even the most well behaved and best of controlled dogs could cause problems with eggs and/or chicks.



Registration:  Please contact Marty St. Louis for additional details and information.

Marty St. Louis:  PO Box 68, Summer Lake, OR 97640

Cell phone: (541)-219-0879 or email:


The birds: Apart from the shorebirds this is the prime season to see Summer Lake.  There are lots of Bitterns, Cranes, Egrets, Night Herons, White Pelicans and Terns.  It is a fantastic area to bird.  There is plently of time to explore the immediate area for desert birds and Winter Ridge for Forest birds.  We have found some unusual birds in the past couple of years: Great-Tailed Grackle, Franklin's Gull, Wandering Tattler, Sanderling, Whimbrel, Red Phalarope and Yellow Rail