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It is hard to imagine how we would accomplish the things we do without our volunteers.  They are our board members, our project coordinators, our committee members, our field trip leaders and our educators. They write our newsletters, keep track of our memberships, build and monitor nest boxes, and conduct bird surveys. They work at bird festivals and special events, they pull noxious weeds and help restore favorite birding sites.  They help because they want to help protect and preserve the wild bird populations of Central Oregon. They help because they enjoy being with other folks who want to learn about our wild birds.  And the truth is, ECAS simply could not exist without our volunteers! The many conservation projects, administrative duties, committee work, and community education efforts all take people willing to give of their time and expertise in the interest of furthering the ECAS mission. In 2016 152 individuals, including only local Raptor Survey folks, recorded -- and probably under-reported -- putting in 9574 hours and driving 86,023 miles. 


Here is a link to the  Volunteer Data Summary report for 2020.

All Prospective Volunteers

Please click on the link below and fill out the volunteer information on the Member Planet form.  For more information contact Thank you for your interest in helping ECAS!


Click here for a volunteer form

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