Golden Eaglet updates

Tuesday July 18, 2023

Update July, 2023 

It has been another successful nesting season for Rocky and Petra!  Lava grew fast and strong. Thank you, Jim Hammond for all you do to make our observations possible and thanks to everyone who commented and shared your observations so the rest of us could learn too.

Comment from Pamela:

So wonderful that we can depend on you Jim – 2nd day of Summer and it was great to celebrate the fledge with folks who can only vicariously but enthusiastically “experience” the Golden Eagle Cam and what we can learn from. The days from hatch until fledging seem to be so fast but we get to watch in “slow motion” this documentary of each day and each hour. Thank you for making this possible – What a Treasure and Documentary we appreciate!!!

The montage of Lava’s return visit was assembled by our faithful viewer, Marcia Langhorst, who lives in the Valley.

Rocky and Petra have a chick! The Golden Eagle Nest Camera on Whychus Creek confirmed a new eaglet.

The camera is maintained and operated by a small group of volunteers, some of whom have been working on the project for over a decade. In addition to volunteering, the public can make donations to buy bandwidth and maintain equipment.

Following tradition, Rocky and Petra’s chick has been officially named by the students at Sisters Park andRecreation District PreSchool. Meet “Lava!”

View the nest cam  |  Learn more about the project  |  Donate here