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East Cascades Audubon Society (ECAS) is a non profit organization dedicated to the study and conservation of birds and their habitats. ECAS has served the Central Oregon community since the early 1970s.

ECAS works in two main areas: 1) Education & Outreach, and 2) Science & Conservation.

Education & Outreach

We offer educational programs  throughout the year, including bird walks, a monthly Birders’ Night lecture series, field trips and outings, and other classes, workshops and events.

We host the annual Dean Hale Woodpecker Festival (June) attracting birders from throughout the state and country.

We maintain the Oregon Birding Site Guide, county check lists, and an image database of Central Oregon nests and young on our website.

We support external educational programs and activities through the Laughrige Grant Program.

Science & Conservation

Our members and volunteers develop and implement projects throughout Central Oregon, including avian monitoring and surveys, nest box studies, habitat restoration, and Greater Sage-Grouse conservation efforts.

We work closely with other Audubon chapters and local conservation and land trust organizations in advocacy initiatives to support birds and wildlife habitat.

We support a variety of scientific studies, conservation projects, wildlife rehabilitation efforts, and more through the Laughrige Grant Program.


Our mission is to foster knowledge and appreciation of birds and their habitats by all people through education, outings, and field studies and to inspire actions that protect wild birds and the places they need to thrive.


We are committed to ensuring that our passion for observing and studying birds never interferes with their ability to thrive.

We embrace a spirit of volunteerism, partnership, and inclusion to advance our goals.

We support conservation strategies that are dynamic and committed to addressing the issues impacting birds in a changing world.

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