Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Project Support

Project Description

Since 2012, project leader, Kevin Black-Tanski, has employed cloud-based data management in support of our Winter Raptor Survey project. The raptor survey is a massive project with 515 current routes in six western states. Current GIS support of the surveys happens mostly during the November to March survey season, though additional support is provided sporadically throughout the year.

The intent of the project is to branch out into other ECAS projects through data management and visualization, and in the future, facilitate GIS data collection, storage, and access.

Why We Do This and What We Have Learned

Integration of GIS with the Winter Raptor Survey has significantly enhanced data collection and management efficiency for that project. Volunteer responses affirm the importance of data visualization using interactive mapping tools.

GIS is a powerful tool in support of avian education and conservation efforts.

What Volunteers Do

As stated in the project description, this effort is currently undertaken by the project leader. There may be a future opportunity for a qualified volunteer with applied GIS experience.

Project Focus Areas

  • Population Monitoring
  • Community Engagement
  • Bird Conservation
  • Activism/Advocacy

Would You Like to Volunteer?

If you have the requisite experience and would like to volunteer your skills to help expand this project, email ECAS at Please put “GIS Project Support” in the subject line.