Deschutes Land Trust / ECAS Bird Surveys

Project Description

ECAS and the Deschutes Land Trust (DLT) have partnered since 2000 on a long-term project to survey birds at DLT-protected lands. Over the years, thousands of hours have been logged by volunteers who conduct regular bird surveys to help monitor local bird populations and see how they respond to changing conditions like habitat restoration and climate change.

Why We Do This and What We Have Learned

This project has helped to inform and update the species list for DLT preserves, and has helped us to understand how habitat restoration and climate change are impacting bird species and populations. It has also been a great way to engage and connect the community to the benefits of protected natural spaces.

What Volunteers Do

Bird surveyors volunteer year-round depending on weather and access to DLT preserves. Volunteers attend an initial orientation which provides training on survey protocols and locations, and can then conduct surveys on an individual and flexible basis. Volunteers visit the preserves at their convenience and record the species they see. DLT sends all bird survey information to eBird. New surveyors are always welcome!

Project Focus Areas

  • Population Monitoring
  • Community Engagement
  • Bird Conservation
  • Ecological Study
  • Climate Change Impacts
  • Habitat Restoration/Improvement

Would You Like to Volunteer?

We would love to grow the volunteer base of our bird surveyors. The group is always open to accepting and orienting new volunteers. For information or to volunteer, contact the Deschutes Land Trust directly.