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Breitenbush Saddle

Marion County | Hwy 20 To The Cascades

This site is an old salvage-logged burn area, a good spot for woodpeckers, grouse, quail, flycatchers and others. However, road closures because of the recent fires do not allow access to the site to determine the current status. This note will be...

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Fairview Wetlands

Marion County | South Of Salem

Marshy area, with small areas of grass and shrubs; perimeter trails and a boardwalk through the marsh provide access. Virginia Rail and Sora can be found here in spring, and more than 140 species have been recorded.

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Keizer Rapids Park

Marion County | North Of Salem

Woodlands, brushy areas and open fields support a wide variety of bird life, including waterfowl on the river, and raptors and passerines in the wooded and open areas. Over 130 species have been recorded at the park.

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