ECAS Dog Policy

Why shouldn’t I bring my dog along to an East Cascades Audubon Society sponsored event or outing?

We understand that, for many, dogs are best friends and faithful companions.  Many at East Cascades Audubon Society (ECAS) have such furry companions ourselves.  That being said, dogs are unwelcome at ECAS sponsored events and outings (including volunteer projects, meetings, field trips, etc.)  for the following reasons:

Dogs can disturb birds and other wildlife. While we see dogs as companions, birds and other animals see them as predators.  Because a core part of ECAS’s purpose is to promote the health and well-being of birds and their habitats, allowing dogs at ECAS events is not consistent with that purpose.  This is consistent with ECAS’s mission statement and the ABA’s Code of Birding Ethics.

Dogs can negatively impact the allergies or well-being of other participants.  While many of us are comfortable with dogs, others may not feel the same way.  ECAS events are intended to be inclusive and welcoming.  By leaving your dog at home, others may feel more welcome and comfortable at ECAS events.

Dogs can generally negatively impact the success of an event or field trip. Organizing successful events and field trips requires the consideration of and planning for a multitude of elements.  Not having to plan for dogs at ECAS events helps ECAS run more successful events.

If you have a trained service animal, please contact ECAS about bringing the animal with you to an ECAS event.

If you have a question about whether this policy applies to a particular ECAS event, please review the event description on ECAS’s website or contact ECAS.