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Tumalo Falls

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NF 430 Off Skyliners Road

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Tumalo Reservoir

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First Street River Trail (Bend)

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River Walk from The Old Mill-North Loop (Bend)

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Twin Bridges

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Entrada/Awbrey Hall Burn (Bend)

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Drake Park (Bend)

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Shevlin Park

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Robert W. Sawyer State Park (Bend)

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River Walk from The Old Mill-South Loop (Bend)

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Tumalo State Park

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The Deschutes River Trail parallels the Deschutes River. This trail summary will include only sections of the trail on the west side of the river and will cover an area from River Bend Park in Bend to the canoe pullout at Sunriver. The trail is not contiguous over this span but main trailheads and access points will be listed. This section of the trail is about 15 miles and would take about 6 hours to walk the entire route. To bird that entire stretch would take considerably longer so it’s suggested that birding should best be done in sections. Below is a list of access points that are of interest to birders. They begin in Bend and conclude in Sunriver.

Riverbend Park, Bend44.04277, -121.32178

Meadow Day Use Area44.00156, -121.37965 – eBIRD HOTSPOT – HIKE -Meadow TH to Lava Island TH: ~1.5 miles

Lava Island Trailhead43.98516, -121.40039eBIRD HOTSPOT – HIKE – Lava Island TH to Big Eddy TH: ~1 mile

Big Eddy Trailhead43.9769, -121.40926eBIRD HOTSPOT – HIKE – Big Eddy TH to Aspen TH: ~1 mile

Aspen Day Use Area43.96983, -121.415eBIRD HOTSPOT – HIKE – Aspen TH to Dillon Falls TH: ~1.5 miles

Dillon Falls Trailhead43.95732, -121.41683 – eBIRD HOTSPOT – HIKE – Dillon Falls TH to Slough TH: ~1.5 miles

Ryan Meadow43.951845, -121.419890 – eBIRD HOTSPOT

Slough Day Use Area43.9447, -121.43145eBIRD HOTSPOT – HIKE – Slough TH to Benham Falls West TH: ~1.5 miles

Slough43.9481, -121.43444eBIRD HOTSPOT

Benham Falls West Trailhead43.93901, -121.41395eBIRD HOTSPOT – HIKE – Benham Falls West TH to Benham Falls East TH: ~0.75 miles

Benham Falls East Trailhead43.93041, -121.41269 eBIRD HOTSPOT – HIKE – Benham Falls West TH to Sunriver Canoe Takeout: ~1 mile

Sunriver Canoe Pullout43.92848, -121.43364


Habitat and Birds

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This long trail winds through canyons, meadows, rural Bend, forests, and other habitats.  Because of his diversity, many of Central Oregon’s common species can be found along the trail.  Listen for Canyon and Rock Wrens in the rocky cliffs created by the river’s rapids.  Gray and Ash-throated Flycatchers can be found at the beginning of the trail where junipers grow.  Open, shallow oxbows like the Slough can harbor shorebirds.  The open meadows and brushy riparian areas are good for the usual suspects like Common Yellowthroat and Western Wood-pewee but also some rarities like Gray Catbird.  Just about every section produces a unique combination of species.  Local rarities include the aforementioned catbird (which, as of 2018, is almost annual) Rusty Blackbird, Green Heron, Red-shouldered Hawk, American Redstart, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Northern Goshawk, Swainson’s Thrush, Solitary Sandpiper, Barred Owl, to name a few.