Summit Prairie

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Bear Valley, Starr Campground, and Swick Creek Old Growth Area

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Logan Valley

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Silvies Valley

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From John Day, drive south on US Highway 395 for about 10 miles and turn left onto Grant County Rd 65. Follow paved County Rd 65 (which becomes FS Rd 15 at the forest boundary) for about 15 miles before turning left onto FS Rd 16. County Rd 65 can be a bit windy so slow down and drive at an appropriate speed. Drive east on FS Rd 16 for another 4.5 miles to the west edge of Logan Valley. Logan Valley is about a 45-50 minute drive from John Day, OR. It is about a 25 minute drive east of Seneca, OR. Generally the road here has light traffic (except for free range cattle and the occasional deer, feral horse, or elk), although traffic is heavier on summer holiday weekends and during hunting season. Continue driving straight east across Logan Valley. The road proceeds uphill into the conifer forest at the eastern end of the valley and winds across a wooded ridge approximately another 4 miles east to Summit Prairie. Summit Prairie can also be accessed from the north via Prairie City.

From Prairie City, OR, drive south on paved Grant County Road 62 for about 40-45 minutes until reaching Summit Prairie.


Habitat and Birds

This high elevation meadow can be good for forest species and meadow lovers alike. Long-billed Curlew often can be found in spring and Sandhill Cranes have nested in the past. Bobolink is a possibility.