DHWF 2024 Registration FAQ

  1. Where do I go to register? 
      • Registration for the 2024 Festival will be through EventBrite.  If you don’t already have an account with EventBrite, you may want to set up your account in advance of the start of registration.
  2. When does registration open?
      • Registration goes live on April 2nd at 8am PST.
  3. Who can register?  Do I need to be an ECAS member to register for the Festival?
      • No, you do not need to be an ECAS member to register for the Festival, but you are welcome to join!
  4. How many can register?
      • Registration limited to two. You may register for up to 2 people during the registration process.  If you register for a second person, that person must submit a General Activity Waiver to us within seven days of the registration.  ECAS may cancel your registration if the waiver is not received within seven days.  If you are registering for a second person and you have not yet determined who that person will be, please send an email to deanhalewoodpeckerfestival@gmail.com to let us know.
  5. What should I do if I have questions or issues?
  6. Where can I make registration changes?
      • To make changes to your registration, please go to your Eventbrite account and make the desired change. If that does not work, send an email to deanhalewoodpeckerfestival@gmail.com.
  7. What if I need to cancel a field trip?
      • If you cannot attend, please cancel your ticket through Eventbrite so that others can attend.  Please cancel your tickets as soon as you know that you will not be able to attend.  ECAS reserves the right to not issue tickets for future festivals for “no-shows” for this year’s festival.
  8. What if I need to cancel my reservation for the banquet dinner and/or workshops?
      • Refunds for cancellations for the dinner and workshops will be accepted until May 10th.  Cancellations must be made through Eventbrite.  No refunds will be issued for these events after May 10th.