Golden Eagle Nest Camera

Thanks to the Deschutes Land Trust on whose Aspen Hollow Preserve the nest is located.  The cooperation of the DLT was instrumental in successfully rescuing and re-nesting one of 2019’s eaglets, Whychus, and their continued support for this nest cam project is gratefully acknowledged.

A special thanks to Yellowknife Wireless ( for their support of this project.  They have generously allotted ECAS a bonus deal that gives us excellent service for a reduced price.

For those not familiar with the ivideon features:

  • You can click in the blue bar below the image to go to the time shown where you click and review the recorded video.
  • You can zoom in on the timeline with the + and – buttons to the lower right of the image.
  • You can click on the date bar on the lower left of the image to go to another day.
  • Activities are sometimes indicated by red marks on the timeline so check those times to see if something interesting is going on.
  • At this stage, changes of the parent doing the incubating are the most interesting things that happen.
  • When looking at a recording, you can click on “live” to get back to the live image.

Problems with streaming should be reported to Jim Hammond (

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