Northern Goshawk

We want to be very clear!

East Cascades Audubon Society does not encourage searching for, approaching, or photographing birds who are on or near their nests!
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Northern Goshawk Adult

Male and Female are similar.

Northern Goshawk Nest Photos

Northern Goshawk Young Photos

How this database was created

Over 190 species of birds choose Central Oregon as the best place to raise a family.  This site provides photos of nests, eggs, and offspring of many of those species.  As birders, we often come across nests in the wild, and there are few resources available to help us identify the nests, eggs, or young birds we see.  This resource is meant to be informational and to help birders with these identification challenges.

The photos on this site were gathered from existing archives.  No one was recruited or encouraged to seek out bird nests for photography.  We hope that you will exercise appropriate birding ethics in the field, and do what you can to avoid stressing the birds.  If you happen upon a nest or some offspring, enjoy them for a moment and then let them be.  When you get home, we hope our collection of photos will help you identify the nests, eggs, or young that you happened upon.

To review accepted ethical standards as they pertain to bird nests, eggs, and young, we suggest you visit the CODE OF BIRDING ETHICS page on the American Birding Association’s website.