Wednesday Birders

Friday May 5, 2023

Wednesday Birders is a group of birders, birding, but not a “field trip” with a named leader. Everyone helps everyone else, shares, learns and enjoys birding together. Usually some advanced birders are there and are so helpful. All are welcomed. We carpool when possible.
As times vary from week to week, please watch COBOL for times.  All the locations mentioned are listed on our website. Select tab for Birding Locations, choose the county and you get a list of favorite birding places. It includes directions to the spots and what birds you might hope to find. Important Note – Please remember to read COBOL on Tues mornings for last minute changes to the plan in case of adverse weather, road conditions or detours, bird news or better birding opportunities.

This is a tentative schedule which can always be altered for exciting opportunities for birds elsewhere, adverse road or weather conditions, etc. When directions aren’t given, the intent is to encourage everyone to use the ECAS birding site guide and get used to using those directions and the “how to bird it” tips for the locations. Simply select the county and the hotspots are listed alphabetically.

July 26 – p.m. birding Millican area. Finish after dusk with Poorwill.

August 2  – Tumalo Res and Hatfield.

August 9 – Haystack for shorebirds, waterfowl. Springs and and Gray Butte if mid day temp permits.

August 16- Lower Bridge, Redmond Sewer Ponds. Willows at Lower Bridge and Lynx could be stuffed with migrants.

Aug 23 – Cascade high Lakes. Begin with willows along “kiosk ponds” at Wickiup and loop around to North, Wickiup Butte, etc. Passerines and shorebirds are on the move.

August 30 – shorebirds. Hotspot to be determined for this date.

September 6 – Hatfield, Houston Lakes and CRWC

Sept 13 – Wickiup, Crane Prairie, Sheep Bridge, etc

Sept 20 – Smith Rocks trails (state park pass in each vehicle), ag fields to the east, Redmond ponds

Sept 27- Haystack, Culver, Metolius and The Cove. Early loons, gulls, Scoters, shorebirds.

October and November.  Instead of scheduling spots in advance, will work on using the ECAS website as a source of birding sites, for Crook and Jefferson, with focus on spots new or rarely visited by the group.

Watch COBOL for announcement of meeting and carpooling times and places or for changes in the plan. Wednesdays are group birding where we help each other and learn together, not always a “guided” field day.

For questions:

Dress for the weather; be prepared with food, sunscreen, etc; and bring a pair of binoculars; spotting scopes are helpful on many trips.

Contact Judy Meredith for more information at