Barnes Butte Reservoir

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McKay Creek Loops A and B (Hwy 33 and 27)

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Starting at 3rd and Main Street in Prineville, go north on Main Steet for and turn east on Barnes Butte Road. Travel one mile east and the reservoir will be on the south side of the road. This is private land. There is no access and viewing must take place from the road.


Habitat and Birds

This is a private  lake surrounded by marsh, agricultural fields and juniper. The cattail area to the north of the road offers fantastic views of breeding Yellow-headed Blackbird, Virginia Rail, Sora, Northern Harrier, and Marsh Wren. The lake holds good numbers of wintering ducks along with Bald Eagle, Prairie Falcon, and other raptors. Check the marsh to the north side of the road for Tricolored Blackbird in May (not seen every year).  On the road east of the lake, check the fence lines for wintering sparrows (Harris’s Sparrow and White-throated Sparrow have been seen here).