Brownlee Reservoir & Hewitt Memorial Park

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Snake River Road/Brownlee Reservoir

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Durkee and Burnt River Canyon

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Snake River Road to Richland

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Farewell Bend State Recreational Area

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From Richland, travel east on Hwy 86 to the point at which the road begins to bend north (less than a mile from Richland). Robinette Road goes straight instead of bending north. Take Robinette for 1.1 miles to a fork. Take the right fork (Hewitt Road) to the boat ramp and scan the lake. Return to the fork in the road and take the left fork to another boat ramp and scan here. To access the less developed south side of the reservoir, take 1st Street out of Richland south for .75 miles and the road will take a right angle turn to the right. Follow this turn and stay on this road for a short distance until it takes another right angle turn and heads south. Take this road (still 1st St.) south until it crosses the Powder River. At the bridge, reset your odometer and travel south and then east for 2 miles. Look for a dirt road that will follow the south bank of the reservoir. Along the way, note the old cottonwood trees and look for roosting Bald Eagles.


Habitat and Birds

Open water and riparian areas mixed with dry sage and rocky areas. Look for phalaropes, gulls, terns, waterfowl, herons, and shorebirds along the lake. The few trees that line the river and the parking area can produce migrants and might yield a Gray Catbird or a Bullock’s Oriole.