Bumphead Reservoir

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Take a 4×4 vehicle and extra water. To get here from Bonanza go southeast to Lorella then take Gerber Road northeast off the Langell Valley Road. From the Gerber Reservoir Road turn right onto Round Valley Road and follow this dirt track to the southeast where you will come to County Road 41-14E-11. Turn right onto this road and drive south until you come to a fork in the road, turn right again and go another 5.1 miles to the Bumpheads Campground.


Habitat and Birds

This unique small reservoir is the headwaters of the East Branch of the Lost River. It is surrounded by a mix of western juniper,  mountain mahogany, bitter brush and ponderosa pine. This is a great place to camp and well worth a early summer trip to bird.

The summer birds of this area are Green tailed Towhee, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Lewis’s Woodpecker, Ash-throated Flycatcher, Western Tanager, Gray Flycatcher, Pinyon Jay.  There are great shorebirds starting in mid July through late August. In the evening listen for Flammulated Owls and Northern Pygmy-Owls.

Watch out for the mosquitoes after mid May. There are ticks here in spring so beware.