Center Ridge Road Loop

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This route offers the birder a look at the drier side of Wasco County. Begin three miles north of Dufur on Hwy 197 (If starting from The Dalles, follow these directions in reverse). Turn right on Boyd Loop Road (marked “Boyd Road” if coming from the north). Take Boyd Loop for 2.4 miles to Long Hollow Road. Turn left and take Long Hollow for 6.5 miles to Center Ridge Market Road. Take Center Ridge north for 3.2 miles and turn right on Emerson-Roberts Market Road. Take Emerson-Roberts for 6.3 miles to 15-mile Road. Turn right and take 15-mile Road for 17 miles to eastern The Dalles (a side trip on Freebridge Road will take you about three miles to the Deschutes River Canyon). There are numerous side roads and mini loops that can be done off of this route so a local map can come in handy.


Habitat and Birds

With the exception of a few creek crossings, this loop takes you through sagebrush and dryland farms along with a little bit of natural grasslands. Not much is known about the birds along this route so it is important that you report your sightings if you decide to explore this route.

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