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Wehrli Canyon Lane

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Trail Fork Rd.

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Carter Hill/Ramsey Canyon Rds.

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Lost Valley Rd.

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Dyer State Wayside

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Buttermilk Canyon

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Condon Sewage Ponds

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26 miles from the Jct. of Hwy 206 and the John Day River is the small town of Condon (population 750). Condon is located on the high plateau of the Columbia River Region where Oregon State Highways 19 and 206 meet. Condon is located 38 miles south of Arlington and the Columbia River, 80 miles southeast of The Dalles, 150 east of Portland, 130 miles north of Bend or 100 miles southwest of Pendleton. Condon’s Main Street is registered on the National Historical Site and contains an active business district. There is a public restroom located at the city park.


Habitat and Birds

Not terribly birdy but the few tall trees are the only ones for miles. This town is mostly under-birded so surprises may be right around the corner. In the winter both Merlin and Peregrine Falcon can sometimes be found hanging around town, presumably keeping a watchful eye on the abundant House Sparrows and Eurasian Collared Doves. California Scrub-Jay, Northern Flicker, Prairie Falcon, Common Nighthawk, Western Kingbird are some of the birds that have been located here. At the north end of town is Burns Park, the fairgrounds and a couple of cemeteries that might be worth checking out.