Eagle Creek

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About 1.5 miles east of Bonneville Dam (see instructions above), Eagle Creek empties into the Columbia. Only a short portion of this creek is actually in the county but it can produce some good birding and nice birds. To access this area, take exit 41 from I-84 and stay to the left. Go under the freeway and park near the mouth of the creek (45.641110, -121.931634). You can scope the river from here for gulls, loons, grebes, and ducks. Then drive back along the creek to bird the creek itself. The county line is about 100 yards upstream from the footbridge.

Important note: There is no westbound onramp from the Eagle Creek exit. In order to return to the Portland area or other western locations, you will have to take the eastbound onramp and travel a few miles to Cascade Locks to access the westbound lanes of I-84.

There are separate eBird hotspots for the Eagle Creek Trail and the Eagle Creek Fish Hatchery Overlook.  The latter provides great views of the Columbia River; the latter is a beautiful trail and involves a fee for parking.

Eagle Creek Group Campround – 45.641194, -121.931672 Cascade Salmon Hatchery – 45.641194, -121.931672 Eagle Creek Campground and Trailheads – 45.641997, -121.924749

Habitat and Birds

This is one of the best spots in the county for American Dippers; they are often found either at the mouth of the river.   Harlequin Ducks nest farther upstream on Eagle Creek and occasionally show near the mouth with most sightings January to June.  In winter this is a good site for both Barrow’s and Common Goldeneye,  Common Merganser, both scaup, Bufflehead, Horned and Western Grebes.

Source: Catalyst Publications, Birding Portland and Multnomah County, John Fitchen.