East Birch Creek and Pearson Creek Roads (SE of Pilot Rock)

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In the town of Pilot Rock, take Hwy 395 to the south end of town and turn left (south) onto SW Birch Street; there is a sign to Indian Lake at this intersection. Continue on SW Birch Street, which changes to East Birch Creek Road at the south edge of town. Continue on East Birch Creek Road and bird along the way. About 9 miles from Hwy 395, Pearson Creek Road (US Forest Service Rd. 54) intersects from the right. East Birch Creek Road turns to gravel at this point. Due to severe damage caused by the Feb. 2020 flood, Pearson Creek Road is closed to traffic. Pearson Creek Road continues to be closed in Sep. 2022.


Habitat and Birds

East Birch Creek Road passes through farmlands and follows East Birch Creek, which has a narrow strip of riparian vegetation. Steep dry hillsides. Chukars and Gray Partridge have been seen along the road, but numbers seemed to have declined in the past few years. Lazuli Buntings are common breeders in the clumps of brush on the dry hillsides. Canyon Wren might be heard signing high on the cliffs/rimrock above the road between mile 5.5 and 7.3 from Hwy 395 and at the East Birch Creek and Pearson Creek Road intersection. Mountain Quail have been seen near this intersection on Aug. 12, 2007, and May 15, 2019.