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North Spit Coos Bay

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Go to the Oregon Birding Trails Website. Choose the Oregon Coast Birding Trail. Click on the South Coast tab and go to section 103.  From Hwy 101 in Reedsport, drive S 10 mi to MP 222.6, turn W (R) into trailhead parking lot. There is an alternative way to access the estuary at the mouth of 10 Mile Creek. If you walk  through the woods on the trail you will access the open dunes. Continue west on the open dunes and you will see the estuary and mouth of 10 mile Creek in the distance. Walk west to the edge of the deflation plain (the marshy, brushy area behind the foredune of the beach), and pick your way through the habitat, accessing the estuary and mouth of the river on the northeast side. This area is also Western Snowy Plover nesting habitat, so carefully observe all signs and ropes in the area if it is the breeding season. You can walk south along the east side of the estuary and lagoon to the creek, and if the tide and water levels are reasonable, you can wade across the creek to the south side.


Habitat and Birds

In winter  watch for Hermit Thrush,  Song Sparrow and Dark-eyed Junco.  Summer brings warblers and occasional  Western Tanager,  and Hutton’s Vireo.  Wrentit and Spotted Towhee can be heard or seen year-round.  This is Snowy Plover nesting site, please observe all roped off areas and signs.