Juniper Haven Cemetery

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Leave Prineville north on Main Street. Travel just under one mile from the junction of N. Main and N. 3rd St. A short distance after the railroad tracks, the entrance to the cemetery can be seen on the west side of the road.  There is an upper and lower section.  Both are equally worth your time.

Habitat and Birds

This area is full of mature conifers and fruiting deciduous trees. Flowering crabapple trees attract a wide variety of migrants in the spring and the resulting fruit entices birds here in the fall and winter. Fall and spring migrants can be abundant at this location and Purple Finches can sometimes be found in winter. This is the best place in Prineville to find waxwings in winter.  In winter, watch for Downy Woodpecker, Red-naped Sapsucker and Red-breasted-sapsucker.  Birch trees have produced Pine Siskins, both goldfinches, and even Common Redpolls.