Kelley Creek Canyon

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This beautiful canyon climbs up off HWY 395 to the east two miles north of the California State Line. It runs about five mile up into the Warner Mountains. You will be on FSRD 011/ Lake Co.1- 18.


Habitat and Birds

This is an outstanding site to bird in late May through late July. It is here that MerryLynn and Mike Denny first discovered a pair of Plumbeous Vireos building a nest in the lower bows of an incense cedar on13 July, 1996.Other interesting bird species in this canyon include the Juniper Titmice and hybrid Red-naped X Red-breasted Sapsuckers. An exciting occurrence in Kelley Creek Canyon is the large diversity of butterflies in mid-summer that nectar-feed on the many patches of blooming dog bane. Buckeye Butterflies, Great Purple Hairstreak, (the only one Mike Denny has ever seen in Oregon) and many other species of butterflies. The birding is great here and there is very little traffic on this single lane dirt road which ends in loop. This road is to be driven slowly, better yet walk at least the last two miles and bird.