Moss Springs Guard Station and Campground

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From La Grande, take Hwy 82 to Island City, Hwy 237 east towards Cove. From Cove, take County Rd. 65 (Mill Creek Rd.) east and then Forest Rd 6220. Moss Springs is located only 8 miles from the town of Cove and 21 miles from the City of La Grande. The campground is just about a mile east of the guard station. Take the Lodge Pole Trail from the Campground and hike as long as you like. Drive the side roads early in the morning for grouse.


Habitat and Birds

Forest of mixed conifers. In addition to the regular forest birds, Dusky and Spruce Grouse are seen here on occasion. This is one of the few sites in Union County where American Three-toed Woodpecker can sometimes be found.

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