Mt. Hebo

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The little town of Hebo is located where Hwy 22 meets Hwy 101 about 19 miles south of Tillamook. From McMinnville, take Hwy 18 west to Valley Junction. Then take Hwy 22 (also called the Hebo Road) 25 miles (snowy in winter) to just before the junction of 22 and 101. Turn right onto Hebo Mountain Road (NFD 14). It’s about 8 miles to the top. The grassy tops are divided between Yamhill and Tillamook Counties, so county listers must watch their maps. There are several grassy meadows as well as a radar or radio tower installation and the usual thick Coast Range forest. It’s never been exceptionally birdy, but it has the feel of a migrant trap since it sits much higher than any surrounding peak.  It can be snowed in during winter.


Habitat and Birds

The consensus among birders seems to be that Mt. Hebo is not as good as people think it should be, but shrike, Northern Harrier, Dusky Flycatcher, Western Bluebirds, Townsend’s Solitaires, and American Pipits have all been seen there. More birds would probably turn up if it was birded during the fall migration.