Ochoco Ranger Station

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Independent Mine and Lookout Mountain Trail

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From the corner of Combs Flat Road and NE 3rd Street in Prineville (the last stop light going east, 44.302944, -120.827060), travel east on NE 3rd (Hwy 26/126) for 15.0 miles to Ochoco Creek Road.   Turn right on Ochoco Creek Road and go east 8.1 miles to the ranger station. Though the ranger station itself has been demolished, the campground is still open, and camping is available at about $10 per night. Sites are limited.  Birders are allowed to walk the grounds but be respectful of the campers who paid to stay there.  Birding along the creek and in the big grassy area between the creek and the paved road is especially good.




Habitat and Birds

The Ranger Station has been dismantled but the habitat remains in and around the campground.  Riparian areas and mixed conifers dominate. This area holds all the common forest birds. Hammonds and Dusky Flycatchers can be found here and the meadow near the station is good for Lazuli Bunting and Calliope Hummingbird.  Northern Pygmy-Owls frequent the pines as do White-headed Woodpeckers and Red-naped Sapsuckers. Listen for the chattering of Red Crossbills.  This location was famous for having nesting Veery for several years, but that species has not nest at this location since 2005.  In 2012, the USFS closed the ranger station, and it is now mostly just a campground.