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Perrydale is located north of Dallas. From Hwy 22, go west of the Rickreall Junction about 4 miles and turn right on Perrydale Road. Go 4.6 miles and take a left on Beck Road. This will lead you back to Hwy 22. Beck Road can be a side trip here and you can return to Perrydale Road and take it another five miles or so. At the north end of Perrydale Rd, turn left to get onto West Perrydale Rd. There is a pond at the corner of W Perrydale Rd and Tucker Rd that is often a good birding spot. West of the pond, the road turns to gravel, but is still a good birding area for the next several miles.


Habitat and Birds

Beck Road travels through plenty of farmland with scattered woodlots and creeks. Birds found here include Downy Woodpecker, Mourning Dove, Western Wood Pewee, Horned Lark, Bewick’s Wren, Common Yellowthroat, and American Goldfinch. The far west end of Beck Rd is a conservation area that is a good place for woodpeckers and flycatchers.

The pond at West Perrydale Rd and Tucker Rd can be a good place to find Acorn Woodpeckers, Canvasbacks in the winter, Hooded Mergansers and the occasional Lewis’s Woodpecker. Redhead ducks have also been spotted at this pond. Just west of the pond is a creek that can have a variety of warblers and flycatchers. A little further west there is a wetland area that can be good for a mix of waterfowl in the winter and shorebirds in the spring. Further west the road opens up and has been a good area for finding Prairie Falcons and is one of the areas a Gyrfalcon has been found.

Tri-colored Blackbirds, which are rare for the area, have been seen along Perrydale Rd, just south of Beck Rd.