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Hwy 47 Clatskanie to Vernonia

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Clatskanie Mountain

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Scaponia County Park/Scaponia Recreation Site

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Banks-Vernonia State Trail Beaver Creek Trailhead

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Vernonia Lake

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Canaan Marsh

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Gunners Lakes

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Big Eddy County Park

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Location/Directions: 15.8 miles from Scappoose, and 0.1 mile from Hwy 47 on the Scappoose – Vernonia Hwy. From this point to Canaan Rd is 13.2 miles.


Habitat and Birds

All but the last mile or so of the road is heavily managed Coast Range Douglas Fir forest in varying stages of harvest. The best strategy is to just get out at promising looking areas. Any place is subject to radical change from year to year. Sooty and Ruffed Grouse, Mountain Quail, Gray Jays, Hermit Warblers, Hutton’s Vireos, Band-tailed Pigeons and Western Bluebirds are the highlights. From the junction with Canaan Rd it is 10.7 miles along Pittsburg Rd into St. Helens and 9.6 miles into Deer Island along Canaan Rd.


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