Riley Pond

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This small pond on the north side of Highway 20, 1.8 miles west of the Riley Store, is popular among birders heading to Malheur. A brief stop here offers of a preview of some of the same wetland species Malheur has to offer, plus there is always the possibility of turning up something rare.


Habitat and Birds

Look for ducks, grebes, Black-necked Stilt, American Avocet, Willet, Wilson’s Phalarope, and other shorebirds, Forster’s Tern, swallows, Marsh Wren, Yellow-headed Blackbird. With luck, a Black-crowned Night-Heron might be spotted resting in the vegetation.

A few larger trees just east of the pull-out may be worth some attention, as is the the small pond behind the Riley Store itself. The Riley area has produced a number of vagrant passerines over the years.