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Rough and Ready Botanical State Park Wayside is located about 4.5miles south of Cave Junction, along highway 199. The parking area is on the west side of the highway, just past milepost 34 and just before the bridge over Rough and Ready Creek. Parking is available on the west side of the highway. The pull-out features a trailhead, a covered picnic table and a kiosk with botanical interpretation. There is a 0.75 mile trail that leads across the gravelly plain and up to the edge of the wooded hills.


Habitat and Birds

This area provides some habitat not seen in the rest of the county. With a plant community that looks like it was shipped in from eastern Oregon, this park can attract an interesting mix of birds. Some of the species reported from here include Bufflehead, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Pileated and Acorn Woodpecker, Hutton’s Vireo, Hermit Thrush, Wrentit, California Towhee, and Lark and Fox Sparrow. Lark Sparrow can often be located here during breeding season and nesting has been confirmed.