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Umatilla National Forest (21 Road)

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Cutsforth County Park

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Hwy 206 Condon Hwy

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Umatilla National Forest (Sunflower Flat Road or Road 22)

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Potamus Point Interpretive Site

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Anson Wright County Park

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Ruggs is 10 miles SW of Heppner on Hwy 206/207. It lies at the confluence of Rhea Creek and McKinney Creek. A side trip on Rhea Creek Road will access Rhea Creek in several locations and increase the birding opportunities.


Habitat and Birds

The riparian area here can be good for migrant and nesting passerines. The Rhea Creek Canyon is good for wintering and resident raptors. Look for Golden Eagle, Merlin, Prairie Falcon, American Kestrel, and Buteos. In late winter and early spring, before trees leaf out, you may see Great Horned Owls sitting on nests. During the winter months, there is a chance of seeing Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches on the rock outcrops or in the open fields.


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