Service Creek

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Service Creek is located at the Junction of Hwys 19 and 207 about 20 miles south of Fossil and 23 miles north of Mitchell and Hwy 26. The John Day River joins Hwy 207 here. There is an EBird Hotspot for Service Creek Campground which is located just south of the Hwy 19 and Hwy 26 intersection.

Habitat and Birds

Thick riparian area exists in this area; sand bars and open water can produce some birds. Spotted Sandpipers and Killdeer can be along the river. Common Mergansers swim while Belted Kingfishers dive in the fast moving water. Flycatchers and warblers are found in migration and a Red-eyed Vireo showed up here once. Both Black-chinned and Calliope Hummers have been reported from this location along with chat. Bohemian Waxwing have been spotted in this area, too.