Simpson-Ferry Road Park

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Just after passing over the McCullough bridge, turn left on Ferry Road. The road will soon fork. Take the right fork to the baseball diamond (Ferry Road Park 43.419414, -124.220765) and bird that area. Return to the fork and drive north for a short distance. The road will curve around under Hwy 101 and will enter the Simpson Park Area. Drive slowly and find pull-off places that will allow you to bird the area. Return to the fork in the road on the east side of the bridge and take the Chappell Parkway under the bridge and around the bay (43.421031, -124.224783).


Habitat and Birds

This area should be checked for migrant passerines. It’s good for wintering passerines as well (B&W Warbler has been seen here) and this is a good location for summer resident passerines


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