Succor Creek State Recreational Area

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Dowell Reservoir

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Birch Creek

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Lake Owyhee State Park and Owyhee Lake

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Snake River at Adrian

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Leslie Gulch

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Coming from the north, travel 21 miles south of Nyssa on 201 and turn on the Succor Creek Road (there is a small brown sign here). Travel 11.6 miles to the recreational area. Coming from the south (Jordan Valley) travel north on 95 for 18 miles and turn on Succor Creek Road. Travel on this road for 19 miles to the recreational area. The road gets pretty rough climbing out of Succor Creek but it’s better once it nears the Leslie Gulch cutoff.


Habitat and Birds

This road begins in grassland habitat, then becomes dominated by sagebrush, then canyon-lands, and finally some farmland. Western Meadowlarks and Savan- nah Sparrows give way to Sage Thrashers and Brewer’s Sparrows which, in turn, give way to Canyon Wrens, White-throated Swift, Chukar, and Cliff Swallows. The riparian areas along Succor Creek are lush and provide homes for nesting Western Wood-Peewees and Spotted Towhees among many others. Check these ri- parian areas for migrants and who knows what might show up.