Warm Springs Reservoir

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Beulah Reservoir and Chukar Park

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Bully Creek Reservoir

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Located directly on the county line, the eastern half of this reservoir lies in Malheur County. Most of the access and the only facilities are on the west (Harney) side of the reservoir. Access is by a primitive dirt road that is not reliable in bad or wet weather. To get to the lake, leave Juntura on the Juntura-Riverside Road (43.746655, -118.085182). There will be access side roads at 8.8 miles, 13.4 miles, and 16.7 miles. However, these are undeveloped roads and they have many branches that are unmarked and it’s easy to get lost here. It is not recommended you try this route without a good local map of the area.


Habitat and Birds

This is remote location surrounded by dry sage habitat. This deep reservoir is a good waterfowl location. Grebes, ducks, and loons can be found here in season along with pelicans, cormorants, and gulls. Shorebirds can be abundant during migration but check here for current water levels. Watch for Burrowing Owls and Sage Grouse on the way in. Plenty of other sage birds can be found around this arid lake.