Wickiup Reservoir

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Matt Cahill has produced a comprehensive guide to birding Wickiup Res.  Click on the link below.

A Quick Guide to Wickiup Reservoir Birding 2023

From La Pine (south of Bend), turn west on Forest Road 42. Just north of the reservoir, turn to the left to Twin Lakes. Check the North Twin Lake. Opposite this turn off, to the west, is an access road that leads to an arm of the reservoir (Sheep Bridge) that is a good area for shore birds and Bald Eagles. Opposite the turn off for South Twin Lake is another access point for the reservoir. Continuing on, there is a turn off to a boat ramp on the right (Gull point). A road continues all around the reservoir with sidetracks giving views of the water. Consult your map or view the Google Map links for all the good birding sites.

View Google Map of all birding sites on Wickiup Reservoir. 

Sheep Bridge Boat Ramp: 43.7327164,-121.7859471 eBird Hotspot Checklist for Sheep Bridge Boat Ramp

North Twin Lakes: 43.731439, -121.763903 South Twin Lakes and Twin Lakes Resort: 43.714717, -121.770863 eBird Hotspot Checklist for Twin Lakes Campground

Wickiup Campground: 43.669601, -121.771067 eBird Hotspot Checklist for Wickiup Reservoir Campground

Wickiup Reservoir: 43.6927, -121.73778 eBird Hotspot Checklist for Wickiup Reservoir

Gull Point Boat Ramp: 43.703081, -121.763310

North Boat Ramp: 43.704276, -121.752800 eBird Hotspot Checklist for North Wickiup Boat Ramp

Northwest of the Main Dam: 43.700102, -121.708413

Wickiup Main Dam: 43.684628, -121.690535 eBird Hotspot Checklist for Wickiup Main Dam

Wickiup Butte Boat Ramp: 43.677599, -121.689139 eBird Hotspot Checklist for Wickiup Butte Boat Ramp

Wickiup East Dam: 43.663318, -121.673834 Wickiup South Shore: 43.638876, -121.706297


Habitat and Birds

This is a very large area of open water, open bare ground, marsh and high elevation forest. Common Loons, grebes, gulls and ducks are present in good numbers during the migration. If mud is exposed, look for shorebirds. A wide variety of songbirds are present in the surrounding forests. The open bare ground around the reservoir holds large flocks of American Pipits and Mountain Bluebirds in the fall and supports many American Kestrels hunting grasshoppers in July. This is an excellent area and one that has hosted many rare and exciting birds.