Willow Creek Road and Malheur Reservoir

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Willow Creek Road travels north off of Hwy 26 between Ironside and Brogan. It loops up and around Malheur Reservoir and then, eventually, returns to Hwy 26 near Ironside. To find this road from Vale, travel west on Hwy 26 for 26 miles. Willow Creek Road (also called Malheur Reservoir Road on some maps) is just west of Brogan. Junction of Willow Creek Rd. and Hwy 26 (44.258723, -117.559868) It’s about 12 miles to Malheur Reservoir and the whole loop is about 30 miles. Malheur Reservoir eBird Hotspot Checklist


Habitat and Birds

This road passes through a very diverse set of habitats: dry desert, irrigated farmland, lakeside vegetation, riparian vegetation, and dry canyon. This may be the best place for Lazuli Bunting in the whole county (Contreras and Kindschy, OFO Publication #8).


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