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Zoom Instructions for joining Birders' Night 

Zoom Instructions

For a Smart Phone or Tablet: Download the Zoom App from the App Store or Google Play.

For a Computer: Download the App -

Note: a Zoom account is free but you do not need a Zoom account to participate in a meeting.


It is helpful to become familiar with Zoom before our scheduled meeting or event.

•   The Zoom help center has instructions.

•   Instructions for joining a meeting with a phone

•   A tutorial on joining a meeting from a computer can be found here.

•   You can join a test meeting here to try out the controls like muting and turning off video.


Joining the Meeting

a. Please be ready to join the meeting at least two minutes before the start of the event.

b. Join the meeting by clicking the link in the confirmation email you received.

c. You will be connected to a waiting room where you can test your audio and video.

d. Once the meeting begins, participants will be admitted by host.

e. Your audio may be force muted.

Participating in the meeting

     Be aware of the status of your audio and video. You may want to mute your microphone or stop your video.


     Raising your hand to be recognized by the host.

1.  Click the Participants icon in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen.

2.  A box will appear with all the participants listed. You will see the “raise hand” icon.

3.  Click the icon to indicate to the moderator that you have something to contribute.

4.  To “lower your hand”, click the Participants icon and select “lower your hand”.

      The Chat Box

1.  Click the Chat icon in the toolbar at the bottom or top of your screen.

2.  A chat box will appear with a blue “To:” field populated as “Everyone” or “Host”; select one.

      Breakout Rooms - these are private meeting spaces that allow small groups to meet.

1.  The Host assigns Breakout Rooms and can open and close these rooms

2.  If participants need help from a Host you can “Ask for Help” and the Host can join

3.  Participants in breakout rooms can share their screens.

4.  When the breakout rooms are closed you will receive a 60 or 120 second warning.



Other links are on the ECAS Home page.

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 October Birders' Night slide show presented by seven ECAS members showing off their best bird photos from their "backyards"  link 

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