Double O Road

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Hwy 78 Burns to Princeton

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Ruh Red Road

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Beede Reservoir

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Wright's Point

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Greenhouse Lane

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Headquarters to Princeton via Narrows-Princeton Road (Raptor Alley)

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This backcountry gravel road spans 34 miles of desert habitat from near Sage Hen Rest Area to near The Narrows.

To access the northwest end of the OO Road, drive 16 miles west from Burns on Hwy 20. The Double O will be on your left (south) here (43.528499, -119.293988).

The southeast end of the road is 0.9 miles north of the Narrows on Hwy 205 here (43.294402,-118.974299).


Habitat and Birds

This road is great for desert species like Sage Thrasher, Loggerhead Shrike and Lark Sparrow. Depending on the year, there are seasonal ponds that hold water, and associated waders like Black-necked Stilt and American Avocet can be found here. Snowy Plovers have nested here. Short-eared Owls are often seen at dawn and dusk.