Greenhouse Lane

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For the birder en route to Malheur, Greenhouse Lane offer a nice reprieve from the monotony of the long drive from Bend and a fun preview of Harney County’s wetland birds. This paved road spans 4.1 miles of wetlands associated with the upper West Fork of the Silvies River.

The turnoff from Highway 20 onto Greenhouse Lane is here, just west of the BLM Building, 5 miles south of Burns.

Greenhouse Lane ends at Highway 205 here, 7 miles south of Burns.

One can complete a loop by tracing those highways back through Burns.


Habitat and Birds

Particularly in Spring, and later depending on the year, there are wetlands of various degrees along the length of Greenhouse Lane. If one starts from Highway 20, after one mile Greenhouse Lane turns from south to east. At this bend a large pond here to the south of the road is one of the most reliable. Continue on, slowly searching both sides of the road from here all the way until Greenhouse ends at Highway 205.

This road can be a photographer’s dream on an early spring morning. Yellow-headed and Red-winged Blackbirds occupy what seems like every other fence post. Those not taken up by the aforementioned species are often occupied by a Willet or a Wilson’s Snipe. Long-billed Curlews and White-faced Ibis can be seen close up here. This area can have some of the county’s largest flocks of Snow and Ross’s Geese in March and April.