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John Day is 115 miles east of Prineville on Hwy 26. The distance from Portland is 264 miles via Hwy 26. John Day is the largest community in Grant County and Canyon City is the county seat.


Habitat and Birds

Average elevation is 3100’. Check both Canyon Creek and the John Day River for American Dippers, Wood Duck, Western Screech-owls, warblers and vireos. Vaux’s Swifts nest in some old downtown chimneys. There is a sports complex on NE 7th Street – check out the pond for waterfowl (Lat. 44°25’21.42”N, Long. 118°57’05.35” W). It’s small but productive. The primary road to the airport and adjacent industrial area is at 4th and South Canyon Blvd (Hwy. 395). At the top of the hill turn right to the industrial area for the possibility of Gray Partridge and Horned Larks. On the west end of John Day, turn north on Ferguson Road. Turn right in front of the federal building and into the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife screen shop parking lot (Lat. 44°25’24.88”N, Long. 118°58’18.18” W). They have a fishing pond that often has waterfowl. A little farther west on Highway 26 is the closed Grant Western Lumber mill. If the gate is open, it may be possible to drive up the office (immediately to your left) and check out the pond it overlooks (Lat. 44°25’18.12”N, Long. 118°58’49.74” W).