Love Reservoir

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Virtue Flat OHV Area

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Snake River Oxbow Reservoir/Hwy 71

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Snake River Homestead Road

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National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

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New Bridge/Eagle Creek Road/Sparta Road

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Balm Creek Reservoir

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Please don’t try this location if the road is wet. When muddy, it can trap you. From the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center (see above), you can get to Love Reservoir two ways. 1) Take the Virtue Flat OHV Area road (Ruckles Creek Road) east for about 7 miles to Love Reservoir Road (sometimes this sign is missing). Take Love Reservoir Road 5.7 miles to the reservoir (watch for Ferruginous Hawk along the way). 2) For the less adventurous types, travel 7.6 miles past the interpretive center and turn south on Ruckles Creek Road. Take Ruckles Creek Rd. for 3.2 miles and turn left onto Love Reservoir Road. Follow this road 5.7 miles to the water. There are no developed facilities at this location. Continue past the lake and investigate Love Ditch as it meanders near the road. It can harbor more waterfowl. From Virtue Flat, check hollows in the gulch bank for Barn Owls.


Habitat and Birds

Open sage and a shallow lake. Species expected here: Eared Grebe, various waterfowl, Horned Lark, Yellow-headed Blackbird, Marsh Wren, Virginia Rail. In the spring, wildflowers are attractive in this high valley basin.