National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

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Virtue Flat OHV Area

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New Bridge/Eagle Creek Road/Sparta Road

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Love Reservoir

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Snake River Homestead Road

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Balm Creek Reservoir

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Snake River Oxbow Reservoir/Hwy 71

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This is one of those locations that must be visited. The birding is typical desert fare; go early in the morning, carry lots of water, expect much of the activity to die off by 9:00 AM. Once finished, don’t pass up the interpretive center itself. This center tells the whole Oregon Trail story and is a moving and powerful exhibit. To get here, take I-84 north of Baker to Exit 302. Take Hwy 86 east for 5 miles to the interpretive center. There are several parking areas and hiking loops but take plenty of water in summer and dress warmly in winter.


Habitat and Birds

Open sage and grassland. Look for sage species like Sagebrush Sparrow and Sage Thrasher. Other sparrows include Vesper, Lark, Savannah, Brewer’s, and Zonotrichias (winter).