Malheur River

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Malheur Butte

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Snake River (Near Farewell Bend)

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Ontario Sewer Ponds

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Love Reservoir

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Ontario State Recreation Site

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Ontario Airport

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In Malheur County, the Malheur River flows east from the Malheur National Forest, past Vale, and joins the Snake River near Ontario. Much of its path takes it through private property but there are several locations in Vale that offer some viewing. Wadleigh Park on the SE corner of town might give the best access. Several roads cross the river and you can park away from the bridges and walk near them. Be careful to stay off the bridges as there is not room for safe foot traffic. “A” Street and Washington Street both have bridges over the river, as does Glenn Street to the south of town.


Habitat and Birds

The Malheur River has plenty of riparian vegetation and can host abundant migrants in season. Black-crowned Night-herons and the occasional Great Egret are possible. Water birds include a variety of ducks, Double-crested Cormorant, Pied-billed Grebe, and other hydrophiles.